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Live online weekly kids' Python coding classes

We empower 7-16 year olds to write code.

No more block coding. Say hello to future-ready, creative coders that can write in a real coding language. 

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"My 10-year-old daughter has woken up early all week eager for her Python class to start."

 Trustpilot review 

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  • Subscribe on a cancel-anytime basis (see FAQ for more details) for £65 per month and enjoy an hour per week of live online coding classes 

  • Courses are split by age

  • No rebooking required. We'll take care of advancing through course levels

Progress & Earn Certificates

  • Login to the live lessons and start learning

  • Small class size (6 students)

  • Need to miss a coding class? No problem. There are summary videos available and our instructors will bring kids up to speed in no time

  • Subscription includes video summaries, notes, and a support forum

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A proper curriculum for kids' coding by industry specialists


At codetoday, our coding for children curriculum has been designed by our founder, Stephen Gruppetta. Following his first career as a physicist, today Stephen is a leading Python specialist, author. Read more at The Python Coding Book.

Our Python coding lessons for children are delivered by handpicked UK-based instructors who we train ourselves. This allows us to provide the best in online coding courses for children.


We focus on exceptional education that is engaging and thorough. You can be confident your child will be learning everything they need to become coders with a solid understanding.

To maximise learning, all our coding courses for children include additional resources including summary videos, notes, and exclusive access to our online forum where we provide ongoing support.


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Learning to code is becoming a core skill

and we make it fun

We teach Python as it's a programming language that's very accessible for children.


It's also a language that's used in the real world by many companies and across many fields such as data science, machine learning, science, and writing games. Read our ultimate guide to the best kids' coding languages.

''Finding a coding course that's a step up from block coding or logic puzzles without being overwhelming is really hard, but this Python course nails it"

- Fiona, Trustpilot Review

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Holiday coding courses 

four live interactive sessions

School holiday courses are a great opportunity for 7-16 years olds to learn how to code online.


We teach children to code in a way that is exciting and engaging, using projects that inspire kids and teenagers to want to code.

It's a fun and creative way to keep busy during the holidays while developing an essential skill. And with our live online courses, there's no need to tackle the holiday traffic.

Our kids' coding courses are designed to take the mystery out of coding, build confidence and enhance problem-solving skills.

What codetoday parents say

Codetoday is one of the best things that's happened to her.


Thanks so much.

– Mother of 16 year old who attended several codetoday courses

These courses are amazing.


I've watched my shy son grow in confidence each time and learn skills that leave me behind.


I find them very professionally run, interesting, and my 8-year-old keeps asking to do more.

- Ruth, Trustpilot Review.

I wish I could give more than 5 stars.


The whole course was so well planned, the instructors were very knowledgeable and able to teach very young children in language they can understand.


Will definitely do further courses for my daughter. The platform is very clean and reliable too.

– Father of 8 year old on our Live Online courses

My children really engaged with and enjoyed this course. They loved the projects, thought the teacher was great, and really can't wait to do another one.


From a parent's perspective, I appreciated how the course was organised - with an engaging live lesson and then other online resources to try - so it wasn't too much screen-time in one go. 

– Mother of 12 year olds

Coding Courses for Children and Teenagers

Programming Skills

Learn the basics of programming using Python and write your own code in the very first lesson

Academic Approach

High quality courses led by experienced instructors. We take coding education seriously and provide expert teaching with ongoing support

Fun and Creativity

We're passionate about teaching coding in a way that is engaging and enjoyable. Our courses are highly interactive, with activities that stoke imagination and creativity

Flexible options

We run live online courses and offer flexible options during holidays and term-time

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Programming Courses for Adults

Programming for work or for life

We focus on those starting to learn how to code. This is often the hardest step. We make it easier. Check out The Python Coding Book 

Flexible options for professionals

For professionals who want to add coding to their skill set, either for their current work requirements or for future needs, we offer a range of flexible options, including live online courses.

Interested in coding for quantitative applications?

Our curriculum is structured to start from the basics and cover more intermediate topics as well, including options for using programming for quantitative applications such as finance, science, and other data-driven fields.

Passionate about teaching programming

At codetoday, we are passionate about teaching

coding in Python.

Python is the best entry point for beginners, because it’s easy to read, write and understand.

Focus on creativity and experimentation

We combine a serious approach to coding with engaging teaching and a focus on creativity and experimentation, embracing change and building confidence.

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