Computer programming, or coding, is a skill that is becoming more relevant to an increasing number of jobs. To outsiders it looks complex and obscure but it is not difficult to learn how to code as long as the basics are learnt well.

We teach the fundamentals of computer coding to students of all ages using the popular text-based programming language Python. Students will start writing computer programs ten minutes into their first session in our practical approach, and we help students learn how to think like a programmer, programming good practice and how to become confident, independent coders.

Most importantly, we make sure coding is fun.


Courses for Children

We offer courses for children between 7 and 15 years old, introducing them to 'grown-up' coding using Python. We run bespoke courses for groups of 5 or more children at a location convenient for the group across London and scheduled courses which are held on Finchley Road in NW London, ideally located for Hampstead, West Hampstead and other NW London areas. All our courses have small class sizes to ensure a high level of individual attention, and include resources and email support for the duration of the course and beyond.


We prioritise teaching the foundations of programming and mastering the skills required to think like a programmer — communicating with a computer through coding is very different from communicating with other human beings. It is not fun copying code someone else wrote, we therefore let the children write the programs rather than do it for them. This means children can return home confident in their ability to open a laptop and write their own programs. These fundamental programming skills can then be applied to any application, whether writing games, manipulating data or developing apps.

Read more about our coding courses for children 8-15 year olds, including course details, upcoming course dates and pricing.



We offer a range of options for adults who are looking to learn how to code, ranging from corporate training programs to bespoke and scheduled courses. We specialise in teaching programming for beginners because we believe that getting through the first stages from knowing no coding at all to knowing the basics is the most important in the journey to becoming a confident and proficient programmer. Learning the syntax of a programming language is necessary, but gaining a thorough understanding of the logical thinking required to build algorithms and programs is more important, and we focus on the latter. 

Learn more about our Beginner Programming Courses for Adults




At CodeToday we are delighted with the new emphasis on computer coding in schools. More jobs will require programming skills in the future and children need to be confident and proficient in coding to make themselves competitive in the job market of the future. But we also believe that coding is not just a skill useful to become a professional programmer in the future but a subject that encourages logical thinking and problem solving as well as a means to teach other subjects.


We also understand that not all schools are equally equipped to teach this skill to students as well as they teach Maths and English and other key subjects. Our aim is to assist teachers in primary and secondary schools with teaching a text-based programming language. We strongly believe that coding is not difficult as long as the key basic skills are acquired very early on and we bring many years experience of programming as well as our experience with communicating with school children to ensure students get a great start that will lead them to become confident, independent coders.

Read more on our work with Schools here.



CodeToday Bursary Scheme

We are a small, local business and we want to contribute to our community beyond providing coding tuition. We have therefore launched the CodeToday Bursary scheme in partnership with local businesses and schools. We aim to provide a place on each of our courses free of charge to children who would otherwise not be able to attend. If you are a local business willing to sponsor a child, or if you are a school wanting to join the scheme, please get in touch. We ask participating schools to identify students who would be well suited for this bursary and we will allocate them a space on a programming course, free of charge.

About Us

CodeToday merges two skills I thoroughly enjoy: computer programming and teaching. As a scientist working in academic research for almost two decades I have used programming on a nearly daily basis and over the years I have become to realise it’s one of the aspects of my work as a scientist I enjoy most. As a lecturer I have found immense satisfaction in passing on knowledge to keen students, and have been rewarded by multiple awards. I also visit primary and secondary schools regularly providing science outreach sessions and careers talks.


CodeToday is a proudly local company - I have lived in West Hampstead for over a decade and I trek up the hill to Hampstead every morning to drop my son off at school (though sometimes we cheat and get the Overground train). Our bursary scheme is a way to give something back to the broader community.



Stephen Gruppetta PhD (Imperial College), DIC, BSc(Hons), MInstP

Stephen has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Physics and a PhD in Physics. His first career was as an academic researcher and lecturer. By the time he was ready to leave University life he had a good idea of what the skills he truly excels in and that he really enjoys are (often the overlap between the two is very large) and therefore he moved on to pursue new challenges and projects in science and beyond. CodeToday is a result of this.   LinkedIn Profile


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