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About Us

Codetoday – developing key skills for a bright future


Our story so far

Codetoday was founded in 2016 by Stephen Gruppetta, a research scientist with a wealth of experience, including 15 years in academic research and teaching in universities.


Stephen first learned to code during his postgraduate studies, and continued to use the essential skills he picked up throughout his academic career. After becoming a new parent, he researched the children’s coding education landscape and discovered a gap in the market. Codetoday was born as an exciting alternative to relying solely on the school curriculum, which only goes so far, or external coding providers who may not offer in-depth courses using a proper programming language such as Python.


Running codetoday has allowed Stephen to merge two activities that he thoroughly enjoys and, crucially, is very good at: coding and teaching. He purposefully built codetoday as something different – an education provider that takes coding seriously and offers a personal approach to customer service.


Codetoday is at the forefront of coding education for 7-16 year-olds, as well as acting as a key provider for adults who want to learn to code. We are driven by our values of integrity, agility and perfectionism, while providing a nurturing and supportive environment where everyone is welcome.

At codetoday, we are dedicated to providing exceptional content with exceptional delivery.

Our Founder

Stephen has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Physics and a PhD in Physics. His first career was as an academic researcher and lecturer. By the time he was ready to leave University life he had a good idea of what the skills he truly excels in and that he really enjoys are (often the overlap between the two is very large) and therefore he moved on to pursue new challenges and projects in science and beyond. Codetoday is a result of this.

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Coding and the future

At codetoday, we are teaching coding in a way that prepares students for a constantly evolving future.


Along with practical skills in programming, our courses help develop core skills including critical thinking, creativity, logical reasoning, and problem-solving. These skills are vital and can be applied across a wide range of careers and everyday situations – they are also the skills that won’t be replaced by technology like AI as society moves forward.


We’re embracing a shift from only learning the basics of coding in schools, to diving deeper into programming topics to cultivate strong skills and a breadth of knowledge in these areas. We’re taking coding seriously, as it is only going to become more important as technology continues to advance.

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