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Python Programming for Beginners

Resources and Courses for Adults

Resources and flexible courses for professionals who want to add coding to their skill set


At codetoday we focus on those who are starting to learn how to code

This is often the hardest step. We make it easier


The Python Coding Place

Resources to learn at your own pace, with our support

We are currently rolling out our Python Coding for Beginners set of resources. We are committing to make the core resources free, forever.

The full stack of resources and courses will include:

  • our online textbook which focuses on clarity and understanding

  • the Codetoday Forum where you can ask questions and interact with our team of instructors who can support you

  • video courses

  • live sessions and workshops.

Read more about The Python Coding Place

Flexible options for professionals

Our courses are designed for professionals with busy lives who wish to start learning coding. We aim to schedule courses to fit all needs, and with Live Online courses we operate an on-demand system in which we group people based on availability and schedule courses accordingly.

Interested in coding for quantitative applications?

Our curriculum is structured to start from the basics and cover more intermediate topics as well, including options for using programming for quantitative applications such as finance, science and other data-driven fields.


Courses and Resources

Our programme is split into two sections:

An introductory part that starts from the basics, aimed at those with no or little prior knowledge of coding. Although we start from the beginning we do cover all the fundamental concepts and some advanced ones too.

A second part focuses on Quantitative Applications of Programming in which we explore topics and methods specific to using coding for analysing and working with data.

You can access our whole curriculum for free using The Python Coding Book. We are currently also offering free access to the Codetoday Forum—the support community where you can ask questions to our instructors and to our Director of Studies, Dr Stephen Gruppetta, who will help you and assist you as you work your way through our curriculum.

Later this year, we'll be adding our video courses and live sessions and workshops to our stack of resources. Stay tuned…


Corporate Training

Corporate training focuses on introducing programming in Python for those who are new or relatively new to coding, with a focus on tailoring the learning to the needs of the teams attending the training.

We generally split the training into two parts. The first covers the fundamentals of programming. The second dives into more quantitative aspects of coding in Python and is generally focussed on areas that are of particular relevance to the team.

Corporate training can be delivered remotely or at the client's site.


T +44 (0)203 289 7431

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