Consolidate Learning through Independent Coding

What's the difference between Coding in Python Courses and codetodayEXPLORE?

In the Coding in Python courses we are introducing new topics, new concepts and new coding methods. These can be consolidated further through codetodayEXPLORE sessions in which students work on projects individually with our instructors guiding them through the various stages of a coding project: planning, writing the code, finding and fixing bugs and errors, and testing the code.

The aim of codetodayEXPLORE is to help students become more independent and self-sufficient in their coding and to consolidate and practise the topics they learned in the courses.

  • Sessions are scheduled after the Coding in Python courses

  • Our instructors work with each student on their individual projects

  • You can add codetodayEXPLORE sessions to your course at the booking stage