Courses for 8-15 year olds

We currently offer the following courses:

All our courses:

  • have small class sizes to ensure individual attention;

  • focus on understanding how to communicate with a computer through coding, which is the essential skill for a good programmer;

  • teach the fundamentals of computer programming thoroughly while making sure it's fun and engaging. We deliberately choose to teach Python programming on a computer rather than using other gadgets and devices that can distract from learning the basics of coding well;

  • include additional resources including video summaries of the course, notes, and email support for the duration of the course and an additional two weeks after the end of the course (four weeks for holiday courses);


Courses are centred around one or more projects including writing animations and games through which we cover the key topics in programming, including data types and data structures, conditional statements, control flow and functions, and focus on the skills required to plan and construct a computer program in an efficient manner.   

Bespoke courses are held at a location that is convenient for the group, often one of the participants' own home.

Scheduled courses are held on Finchley Road in NW London.

One of the activities we often start with to introduce Python to children.

Writing games is fun and engaging, and uses many key coding skills. This video shows one of the games written in our courses for 12-15 year olds.


BESPOKE COURSES | Groups of between 5-8 students

Times and Dates that suit the group

Private Courses

We can organise a bespoke course for a private group of 5-8 children. The format, time and dates, and location can be chosen to suit the group. Often we run these in one of the participants' own home. We can run intensive one, two or three-day courses or courses spread over a number of weekly sessions.

Prices depend on the length of the course. As a guideline, the price for a 6-hour course is £140 per student and for a 9-hour course £190 per student. Other course lengths also possible. Contact us to discuss further.

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