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Coding in Python Courses

View all the courses for children and teenagers we offer at codetoday and read more detail about each format

Weekly Classes

Our weekly live online lessons include one lesson a week and run continuously on a cancel-anytime subscription. This format is designed to provide continuity and steady progression through our curriculum. Students progress seamlessly through the levels.

How does the weekly subscription work?

  • Choose the age group and the day and time of the week you'd like your child to learn coding and subscribe

  • A subscription costs £65 per month which you can pause or cancel anytime

  • You'll get a one-hour live lesson every week delivered by our UK-based expert instructors. Lessons are highly interactive and are delivered live through Zoom

  • Each class has six students to ensure plenty of individual attention by the instructor

  • Students join courses which start regularly throughout the year and then progress seamlessly through the levels

  • Lessons run throughout the year, with the exception of two weeks around Christmas and New Year. But don't worry if you need to miss a lesson. We provide summary videos and additional resources and instructors will help students catch up. Students also have access to our support forum

What will students learn and how will they progress?

  • Students will start from Level 1. No previous knowledge of coding in Python is required as we'll start from the fundamentals

  • We have three age groups: 7-8, 9-12, and 13-16 year olds. We start from the basics in each age group. However, we progress at a more rapid pace for older age groups

  • Every three months or so, students progress to the next Level. Instructors will monitor the progress of each student and we'll issue certificates when each level is completed

  • You don't need to do anything for you child to progress to the next level. We'll do this automatically. You can check their progress and see what they're learning on our online learning platform

  • Students progress through the beginner and early intermediate material through Levels 1, 2, and 3 initially. For students in the 9-12 and 13-16 age group, these levels are then followed by Higher Levels which cover more intermediate and advanced coding topics and projects.

    We currently have 9 Higher Levels in addition to the initial 3 Levels.
    (For customers whose children attended codetoday courses before September 2022, please note that these levels are different from the ones in the old curriculum)

  • Each Level introduces new topics in coding in Python through interactive projects. Each new topic, as well as topics learnt in previous levels, is consolidated through additional projects

  • You can download a detailed curriculum and see what topics will be covered in each Level below

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