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Our Teaching Ethos

Codetoday's Philosophy and Objectives


Our Ethos

  • Our focus is exclusively on programming. We treat the subject as an important and serious one. We teach it in an academically thorough manner while still ensuring it is fun and engaging.


  • The emphasis is to learn programming not a programming language - programming is a mindset, a systematic and logical way of thinking aimed to solve problems


  • We guide students towards becoming independent programmers, capable of teaching themselves further to improve their coding skills


  • We view programming as a versatile tool that can be used for a very broad variety of applications ranging from Science and Maths to games and data analysis and many other real-world applications.

  • We foster imagination and creativity - programming is a means of turning an idea into reality

  • We build an atmosphere in which experimentation is strongly encouraged and failure is not to be feared, aiming to leave students transformed in a positive way, confident and enthused by the new skills they have learned.


Our Philosophy and Objectives

We only use a full-featured programming language, Python, and we do not use any children-specific platforms, gadgets or other software or hardware tools that can hinder creativity.


Our curriculum has been carefully designed and thoroughly tested to make coding in a proper programming language such as Python accessible to young learners through engaging yet thorough lessons and projects.


The focus on pure programming using just a computer means that students can easily carry on coding at home without the need for additional hardware. We encourage and support this through our support service which is included in all our courses and extends well beyond the end of our courses.


Our emphasis is equally split between exceptional content and exceptional delivery. All our instructors are professionals in various fields who have been chosen also for their ability to communicate in a clear and accessible manner. All our instructors undergo training we run ourselves and we continually monitor our courses to ensure our objectives are attained. All instructors have DBS certificates.

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