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New Python Curriculum

The information on this page is for parents of students who have completed one or more courses with codetoday before September 2022

We have revamped our weekly Live Online courses to focus more on continuity and progression. You can read more about the changes below.

We have updated our curriculum and the levels in our new curriculum do not match those we had before September 2022. You can see which level you need to book next in the 'Moving to the new curriculum' tables below.

You can also contact us if you want more guidance to book weekly lessons and we can assist you with finding the right sessions for your child. It is important to us that your child is learning at the right level. 

Holiday courses still follow the same format—each holiday course is four lessons long

What has changed?

We have updated how we run weekly coding courses to make the learning experience smoother for students and to enhance progression through our curriculum.


Our weekly courses now run every week on a subscription model which you can pause or cancel at anytime. Classes are also smaller than before with six students in each lesson.


This will allow students consistency and more thorough progression through the topics and levels. We've also included more consolidation work into our programme. Many of you signed up your children for codetodayEXPLORE sessions in the past. This consolidation work is now part of the main curriculum.

And you no longer need to rebook for different levels, remembering what level is next. We'll take care of progression for you. Our instructors monitor each class and students will progress through the levels seamlessly. You'll get a completion certificate at the end of each level.

The cost for the weekly lesson subscription is £65 per month on a pause or cancel at anytime basis.

Our live online courses are still grouped by age and level. Older age groups progress faster as teaching is tailored to the learning needs of each class. You can read more about the new weekly programme curriculum here.

Need to miss a week? No problem, we have lots of resources to get kids back up to speed in no time.

Moving to the new curriculum
Which level should you book next?

You'll find three conversion tables below showing you which level in our new curriculum you should book depending on the most recent level in the old curriculum your child attended.

How to use the tables below?

  • Look at the table labelled with the age group of the last course your daughter or son attended

  • Find the last course your child attended from the left-hand side column

  • Book the course listed on the right-hand side

You'll notice that not all levels from the old curriculum are listed. If the level you're looking for is not listed, you can either look at the previous level in the left-hand side column or the higher level.

For example, if your child last attended a Level 5 for 10-12 year olds in the old curriculum, which is not listed in the table, from the new curriculum you can either choose Level 3 for 9-12 year olds or Higher Level for 9-12 year olds. Whether you choose to go one level higher or lower depends on how comfortable your child felt in their last course and whether you prefer to review some of the material or jump ahead. Feel free to contact us for more guidance.


If your child is 9-years old: You'll notice we made a small change in our age groups and 9-year olds are now in our middle age group instead of the lower age group. The table for 7-9 year olds below includes information on how to move to next age group. Feel free to contact us for more guidance.

7-9 year olds


10-12 year olds


13-16 year olds