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Continue learning coding in Python

with our higher level courses

Live Online​ Courses

  • Courses run between 1st June and 4th June, 2021

  • Four live and interactive sessions, one hour a day

  • Additional resources and ongoing support

  • Course costs £50 per student. Each course consists of four sessions

What to expect from the course

As with previous courses, our live online courses deliver the best of both worlds: interactive live sessions and on-demand videos and other resources.

At each level, courses are split into three age groups: 7-9, 10-12 and 13-16. Each course includes consolidation of what has already been learnt in previous courses and introduction of new material.


We recommend you book the next level up from the last course your child has attended. If you want to discuss levels further, such as if your child has moved to a new age group, please do contact us and we're happy to advise accordingly. 

Each course has four live sessions, one hour per day. These are interactive lessons led by a codetoday instructor within our dedicated online learning platform.

Progressing through the Levels and Moving to a Higher Age Group


In our courses we progress at different paces for different age groups. This also means that when a student moves to a new age group, they will need to join the higher age group at the right level. Read more about progression through codetoday courses, especially when moving age group.

Why choose codetoday








Our courses emphasise learning to code properly and developing the programming mindset. This encourages the development of creative skills, logical thinking and problem solving.

Our curriculum starts from the basics but also goes to more intermediate and advanced topics. As we progress through the stages we focus on making sure the topics from previous courses are well understood and new topics are introduced. We make sure students become more independent in their coding.

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How we teach coding online


Course Description

Details on our curriculum and methods

We believe that the most important skill to learn is to be able to think in the manner required to be able to communicate with a computer. This includes thinking in a logical and systematic way, problem-solving, and fostering a mindset in which errors are seen as a key part of learning — these are all key aspects of programming and skills that are relevant beyond coding as well.

All our courses:

  • have small class sizes to ensure individual attention;

  • focus on understanding how to communicate with a computer through coding, which is the essential skill for a good programmer;

  • teach the fundamentals of computer programming thoroughly while making sure it's fun and engaging. We deliberately choose to teach Python programming on a computer rather than using other gadgets and devices that can distract from learning the basics of coding well;

  • include additional resources: videos and notes to act as a reminder of what was covered in the course;

  • include a support package for six months after the end of the course;

  • put equal importance on having exceptional content and exceptional delivery as we believe that both are critical to learn a specialised subject such as coding. 


Courses are centred around one or more projects including writing animations and games through which we cover the key topics in programming, including data types and data structures, conditional statements, control flow and functions, and focus on the skills required to plan and construct a computer program in an efficient manner.

After the course

At codetoday we have a very extensive curriculum ranging from the very basics of programming all the way to advanced topics well beyond what is covered in GCSE and A' Level computing. Many of our students progress from one level onto the next and we monitor the progress of our students closely.

A key part of learning is independent coding. We encourage our students to carry on coding after the course and if they do, they will have questions and problems. That is why we offer six months of support after the course during which students can send us their ideas and their code and we can assist them with finding errors, solving problems and provide feedback.


Codetoday is one of the best things that's happened to her. Thanks so much.

– Mother of 16 year old who attended several codetoday courses

Just wanted to thank you again. These two days have been great. I’ve understood whilst also not finding it easy if that makes sense. I guess that’s to be expected and I imagine every good programmer was exactly where I am at some point.

– Jade, adult course participant

I wish I could give more than 5 stars. The whole course was so well planned, the instructors were very knowledgeable and able to teach very young children in language they can understand. Will definitely do further courses for my daughter. The platform is very clean and reliable too.

– Father of 8 year old on our Live Online courses

My children really engaged with and enjoyed this course. They loved the projects, thought the teacher was great, and really can't wait to do another one. From a parent's perspective, I appreciated how the course was organised - with an engaging live lesson and then other online resources to try - so it wasn't too much screen-time in one go. 

– Mother of 12 year olds

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