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A Python Tutorial for Beginners

This short video tutorial is designed to give a taste of coding in Python to children who have never coded in Python before.

No prior experience needed. No software required either as you can use our web platform to code. And no sign-up is needed either. Just play the video below! That's all.


A perfect way to find out whether your child is ready for Python.

Write Your First Python Program: Video Lesson (15 mins)

Why is Python the right coding language to learn?


Many students start learning on children's platforms such as Scratch but they outgrow these platforms very quickly, and often they get a bit bored with Scratch as well.

Python is a real-world language that is very powerful and useful and yet also suitable for beginners. It is one of the most popular coding languages today. What makes Python ideal for beginners is its relative ease of use compared to other languages which enables students to focus on the key coding concepts when learning.

What is coding?

Don't worry if you're asking yourself this question. You're not alone. Unlike subjects like Maths and English which have been around for as long as children's education has been, coding is relatively new in the children's curriculum and many are not sure what it is.

Coding is a means of communication between humans and computers. When we write code we are instructing computers to do tasks in precisely the way we want them to. Coding is used to write software, analyse data, and many more tasks. Most of our society relies on computer code today.

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