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Linking PyCharm and Dropbox

For those who intend to use our support service, we recommend you download the Dropbox app on your computer and link PyCharm to Dropbox

Installing Dropbox & linking PyCharm to Dropbox

(We use Dropbox as part of course management system.)

If you already have the Dropbox app installed, skip directly to the step: Setting PyCharm to link with Dropbox

  1. Request a student shared folder from us and let us know which email address you will use with your Dropbox account (you can either use an existing Dropbox account or create a new one for free)

  2. Download the Dropbox app from and then run the installer.

  3. Once you have installed Dropbox open the Dropbox app and either log in to your existing account or create a new one. Please note that we need to know which email address is used on the Dropbox account.

  4. We will share a folder named "<YourName>’s Python Code” with you. Please note that this folder will be empty.


Setting PyCharm to link with Dropbox

Please ensure you have followed "Setting PyCharm for the first time" step first from the software installation page.


screen shot of pycharm

  1. Launch PyCharm and choose 'Create New Project' from the Welcome to PyCharm menu (see above). If PyCharm loads your existing project directly, simply choose 'Close Project' from the file menu first to return to the Welcome window shown above. There are two key steps that are required at this stage:

  2. DO NOT choose the default location, instead click on the icon on the right of the Location bar and find the Dropbox folder we have shared with you named "<YourName>'s Python Code".

  3. Click on the small triangle next to Project Interpreter and choose Existing Interpreter. If the drop-down menu includes an option that says Python 3 choose it and click on Create. You're done!

  4. If Python 3 is not there, click on the icon on the right next to the Interpreter dropdown menu, choose System Interpreter on the left and then select the option that includes Python 3 in the path name. Click OK and Create and you're done.


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