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Live Online

Coding Courses

for children and teenagers

Ages 7 - 16

Learn proper coding in Python

with codetoday

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Our live online courses deliver the best of both worlds: interactive live sessions and on-demand videos and other resources.

Our courses run as weekly lessons through a cancel-anytime subscription service. We also run short courses during holidays


Our Teaching Philosophy

We view programming as a versatile tool that can be used for a very broad variety of applications ranging from Science and Maths to games and data analysis and many other real-world applications.

We foster imagination and creativity - programming is a means of turning an idea into reality.

We build an atmosphere in which experimentation is strongly encouraged and failure is not to be feared, aiming to leave students transformed in a positive way, confident and enthused by the new skills they have learned.

Our focus is exclusively on programming. We treat the subject as an important and serious one. We teach it in an academically thorough manner while still ensuring it is fun and engaging.

At codetoday the emphasis is on learning programming not a programming language – programming is a mindset, a systemic and logical way of thinking to solve problems.

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How we teach coding online

How weekly online coding classes for kids work

Enjoy your free coding content on demand

  • Once you have signed up you will be able to access our learning platform with your free on-demand lesson. This is a taster of our weekly live lessons

  • Ready to enrol? Move to step two. More questions? Email us with any queries or to request a callback if you prefer to chat

Enroll on a course

  • Cancel your subscription at any time

  • Choose a suitable day and time of the week

  • Courses are split by age

  • No rebooking required. We'll take care of advancing through course levels

Become a coding superstar

  • Attend weekly live lessons 

  • Small class size (6 students)

  • Need to miss a class? No problem. There are summary videos available and our instructors will bring kids up to speed in no time

  • Subscription includes video summaries, notes, parent information sessions and a support forum monitored by our instructors

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