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Led by codetoday's expert instructors, online courses mix live, interactive sessions with on-demand video, notes and quizzes. Courses run as either weekly sessions or for a block of days.

Who we teach

Global Businesses

"Charlie is absolutely LOVING coding and enjoys the sessions."

Claire, London Parent

"She has really enjoyed herself and is super excited about creating proper programs for the first time. Given that she goes to a state school and ICT isn’t given as much importance, this course has given her such a good insight into computing!"

Olivia, Parent

Local Families

Our teaching philosophy

We view programming as a versatile tool that can be used for a very broad variety of applications ranging from Science and Maths to games and data analysis and many other real-world applications.

We foster imagination and creativity - programming is a means of turning an idea into reality.

We build an atmosphere in which experimentation is strongly encouraged and failure is not to be feared, aiming to leave students transformed in a positive way, confident and enthused by the new skills they have learned.

Our focus is exclusively on programming. We treat the subject as an important and serious one. We teach it in an academically thorough manner while still ensuring it is fun and engaging.

At codetoday the emphasis is on learning programming not a programming language - programming is a mindset, a systematic and logical way of thinking to solve problems.

How online courses work



We have various online course options to suit, find yours and book your place.



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Join your first lesson, meet your instructor remotely and start having fun with Python.



Holiday courses run as a block over a fixed number of consecutive days. Courses are centred around a daily live interactive session with a codetoday instructor and supported with on-demand videos and resources for further practise.

Easter courses start: April 6th, April 14th 2020


Weekly courses run as session over a fixed number of weeks. Courses are centred around a weekly live interactive session with a codetoday instructor and supported with on-demand videos and resources for further practise.

Next course starts: April 21st, 2020

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