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A parents' guide to coding

This parents' guide to coding is designed to answer some of your questions about this subject, and help you navigate what has become a busy world of programming and technology courses for children. All coding courses are not created equally.

Why is Python the right coding language?

Many students start learning on children's platforms such as Scratch but they outgrow these platforms very quickly, and sometimes they get a bit bored with Scratch as well.

Python is a real-world language, one of the most popular coding languages today. It is also a very accessible language compared to others which enables beginners to focus on the key coding concepts when learning.

Coding is a mindset

Coding is a way of thinking that is very logical, in which ideas are broken down into small, clear steps.

When we teach coding we are teaching a mindset which is focused on problem solving. We build an atmosphere in which experimentation is strongly encouraged and failure is not to be feared, aiming to leave students transformed in a positive way, confident and enthused by the new skills they have learned.

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