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Announcing online coding courses from codetoday

Announcing the launch of online coding courses from codetoday.

We've worked tirelessly to bring forward our plans for children's online Python coding courses. All of our private courses have already moved online so we have a tried and tested format for delivering courses remotely. All these courses include live, interactive teaching sessions, on-demand video and a suit of resources to practise coding in your own time.

To make things simple the two course options mirror our traditional holiday/weekly set-up. Holiday courses run over consecutive days and include an hour of live tuition each day plus a whole raft of resources. The weekly format is a more spread out with a regular weekly hour of tuition plus all the resources.

How it works

Codetoday's online platform handles most of the leg work for you. You simply need to book the course and login and the course is there. You'll also need Zoom which is the video call software we use, it's really easy. At the start of every course codetoday's instructors will take you through how to use the software and will answer any questions


What you need

You need a computer connected to the internet. You can use a tablet but we recommend having a separate keyboard, trying to code on a tablet without one is tricky.

Upcoming courses


April 6th-9th, April 14th-17th. £50 per course

Age 7-9, 9am or 2pm

Age 10-12, 10:30am or 3:30pm

Age 13-16, 12am or 5pm


Courses start April 21st, £50 per course for a 4 week course.

Various times available for age groups 7-9, 10-12 and 13-16.

For more information and to access a free demo click below

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