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Codetoday is growing fast, this week we welcome two new members of the team.

Codetoday is growing fast and this week we welcome two new staff members. Anthony Limberg and Yll Buzoku join us as we continue to expand our small-group computer coding courses and holiday camps. It's great to have them onboard and here's a little about them and their coding background.

Anthony Limberg

Anthony's interest in coding started when he bought a Sinclair ZX-81 with his brother. They would spend hours typing in BASIC programs that invariably were full of typos, and would refuse to run. Their de-bugging knowledge at the time was limited by their patience!

Since then, Anthony has picked up some experience with HTML and CSS whilst working as a photographer, but it wasn’t until relatively recently, during his BSc degree at the Open University, that he came across Python. He was instantly hooked, not just for the seemingly shallow learning curve, but also because of the number of scientific applications Python can be used for. Scientists at all levels and in all disciplines use Python to some extent - many of them code their own programs. With very little learning, Python allows you to code a program using the formula you have been working with by hand, or a temperature converter, mileage / fuel calculator or simply to draw a house or flower. For his studies Anthony wrote a program that plots graphs showing the radioactive decay of user inputted isotopes, all in the space of only about twenty lines of code. His own interest lies in astronomy and Python is a wonderful tool to help the astronomer. The operators of the Hubble Space Telescope use a Python library, called Astropy, extensively.

Anthony is very excited to have this opportunity to work at codetoday, and to share with others what he has learnt, and is still learning, during his journey with Python.

Yll Buzoku

Yll was introduced to programming at a young age in C#. This was a natural extension of his interest in mathematics and electronics which he developed at school and led to him studying Theoretical Physics and Mathematics at UCL, graduating in Mathematics in 2018.

Yll stayed in education post his degree working with lecturers at UCL conducting research in fields such as Differential Topology and Symplectic Manifolds.

Yll got back into programming as a hobby and started developing applications to investigate how hardware and software interface. This led onto learning how computer operating systems work. He is now working on writing an operating system and an x86 real mode emulator for x86 CPUs in protected or long mode, on all modern operating systems.

Yll brings with him a wealth of tutoring experience, having tutored mathematics and physics since 2014. He has also taught programming volunteering one summer with a coding school in Kosovo. As well as his programming language skills Yll also speaks Albanian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian and German.

We welcome both to codetoday. If you'd like to find out more about booking a private coding course click the link below.

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