Having Fun With Coding While Also Learning

Having fun with coding and learning coding are not exclusive to each other. The two can be one and the same thing, but they can also work against each other if not done right.

In this blog, I'll look at the range of ways in which coding can be taught to children and teenagers to find that sweet spot where fun and learning are both at a maximum.

There is also more information about coding for kids in our Parents' Guide to Coding.

Learning through fun

We're all aware from our own experience that when we enjoy a learning experience, we learn more. A great teacher makes it more likely that his or her students learn more not just because they can explain things more clearly but because they instil a sense of enjoyment in the subject.

But this leads to some interesting questions. Is fun necessary for learning? Is fun the only ingredient that's needed for learning? Does everyone need to have the same 'amount of fun' to learn?