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May Half Term: Either we're still in lockdown. Or we're not.

The kids have settled back to (home) school following the Easter break. PE with Joe Wicks at 9am, followed by Maths, English, maybe a Zoom meeting with their teachers. Surely it's too early to think about the next school break.

But May half term is less than a month away. That we know. What we don't know is whether we will have to stay indoors for May half term or whether we'll be able to go out and enjoy the sun (or rain, we'll take that too). Either way, we will all need some kids' activities online and offline.

In May half term we will be running our Coding in Python Live Online courses which we launched, a few months ahead of schedule, in April. These courses are not just online courses. They combine live, interactive sessions, each one hour long and led by our experienced instructors, and on-demand video lessons, notes and quizzes.

We are very proud of this brand new course format. But it's not just us who love this course. We had an exceptional reception from those students, and their parents, who attended over the Easter weeks (and we'll be seeing many of them over May half term again as well).

May half term courses will run from the the 26th May to the 29th May and there are multiple sessions to choose from for each age group.

We are also running regular live demos aimed for both students and parents to introduce coding in Python as well as to get an idea how the courses are run. You can even access a preview of the on-demand content on our online learning platform. Join us for a free preview.

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