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October Half Term is Almost Here

half term coding courses for kids

The weather getting cooler and cloudier and wetter is a reminder that summer is behind us. It also means October half term is round the corner. That can only mean one thing: half term coding courses for kids are back.

Codetoday's half term coding courses will follow the very popular format of Live Online courses, each consisting of:

  • four live one hour sessions, delivered by one of our team of exceptional, UK-based instructors,

  • additional material available via our learning platform which includes summary videos, notes and quizzes, and

  • access to our student-only forum, a private forum for codetoday students where students can ask questions, get feedback and help, and access additional material we post on the forum regularly.


Why parents choose codetoday

We've been talking to some of the parents of our students who have been attending our Coding in Python courses recently to find out what they think about the courses and why they chose codetoday in the first place. There are, after all, many providers of coding courses.

The most common answer has been that they were looking for a course that is fun but also thorough that teaches real coding, not just playing with software and other gimmicks. Almost all the parents who sent us feedback placed a lot of importance on this point and were keen to avoid "courses" that focussed more on playing games than learning coding.

The continuity and progression we offer all our students was a close second on people's lists. Our webpage explaining more about our Python coding curriculum and how students make their way through it is one of the pages with most hits on our website.

Many parents appreciate the flexibility our format offers. We deliberately keep our Live Online courses relatively short – each course is four lessons long, each one hour in length. Students who wish to do more can of course attend higher level courses after their Level 1, as well as our codetodayEXPLORE sessions which are designed to help students become more proficient, confident and independent coders. Parents appreciate the flexibility not just in the timing of the courses, but just as importantly there is no long term commitment required. We don't force parents into booking long courses or setting up direct debits or anything of that sort. We don't really need to as parents and students come back to us because they like what they see on their first course.

Price is also a factor. Our courses are £50 for a course that includes 4 hours of live teaching, additional summary videos, notes, quizzes and the support we offer through our student-only platform. Many parents appreciate that this is great value for money.

Recently we've also had many parents ask more about us as a company, who runs the company and who teaches our courses. Parents are reassured when they hear we are a London-based company with all our instructors based in the UK, and many parents end up speaking to me directly via phone or email at some point too. Even as we grow, the relationship between the company and our clients is very important to me and I aim to maintain that 'local company' feel even as we teach students from across all of the UK and Ireland, and from Australia to Europe and the US, and many places in between, offering high-quality customer service as well as high-quality teaching.


October half term courses

We are running Live Online courses at different age groups and levels over two weeks this October half term:

  • 19 - 23 October

  • 26 - 30 October

Our Live Online courses will run from Monday to Thursday on both weeks, with courses at different times of the day. On Fridays we are running codetodayEXPLORE sessions which are extensions to the courses which focus on getting students to be more proficient, confident and independent in their coding by working on individual projects, with our instructors guiding them through the various stages of writing a computer program.


Join us this October Half term…



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