Why should my children learn to code in St Albans?

So why should my children learn to code in St Albans, and what's the value of learning a coding language?

"Why code?" is a common question we get asked a lot by parents and as we'll soon be launching coding courses for kids in St Albans we thought it a question worth tackling. There's a huge amount of content online advocating coding as an extra-curricular activity, especially given coding is now on the school curriculum, but it's not always abundantly clear why. The fundamental reasons why coding is important aren't really about coding, and it's definitely not about creating the next Bill Gates (although that would be nice!!).

Coding helps children learn to problem solve

Learning the basics of coding helps children develop an understanding of how things work. It teaches them to use their thinking skills to solve problems in a logical and creative way. The ability to problem solve using logical and creative thinking extends well beyond coding, and it has been argued this will be the defining skill of the next 30 years.

Coding challenges kids and builds resilience