Private Coding Courses

for Children and Teenagers

At codetoday we focus on proper coding. We use Python in all our courses.


How do Private Courses Work?

Groups of Friends

Private courses are ideal for groups of friends and classmates who wish to learn coding together. These courses are either held at one of the participants' homes or online. Private courses can be held throughout the year, either as holiday courses or as weekly sessions during term times.


The minimum number of participants for a bespoke private course is five. (Smaller groups are possible but incur an additional charge). Online courses cover all of the UK and bricks and mortar courses are currently available in most of London.


Cost of the course depends on the length of the course which can vary from term to term. As a guideline a 10 hour course is £250 per student for courses held on premises and £190 per student for online courses. Prices subject to a minimum of five participants. (Contact us for pricing for smaller groups)

Style and Content

The style and content of private courses is very similar to our scheduled courses. The bespoke nature of such sessions means that we can tailor the pace of the course and the content more specifically to the group. Many private groups continue from one term to the next allowing us continuity as we progress through further consolidation and new content.


Our Courses

All codetoday courses use Python as the programming language and not any children-specific coding platforms. Our curriculum and lessons have been designed to make a full-featured programming language such as Python accessible for all ages starting from 7 year olds.

Many of our initial projects are visual, enabling students to be engaged from the start. However our view is that coding i a serious subject that should be treated seriously and therefore underneath the animations and games are the fundamental concepts of coding which we focus on in all age groups.

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