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Private Coding Tuition

Codetoday has a long history delivering private coding tuition across London. Our experienced instructors have all been trained by codetoday to deliver tuition using Python, the world’s most popular coding language. The codetoday curriculum focuses on teaching proper coding, guiding students through various modules in order to create confident, self sufficient coders. Further engagement and support is a key part of codetoday's approach, with project materials and expert support available outside of lesson time. Many of our students also join us at codetodayCLUB. This session is a great opportunity for students to explore their own projects with our instructors ever present to support them.

Your Questions Answered

Who is private coding tuition for?

Private coding tuition is ideal for small groups of friends and classmates who wish to learn coding together. The minimum number of participants for a bespoke private course is five. Smaller groups and one-to-one tuition is possible subject to a minimum pricing.

When and where does tuition take place?

Tuition is typically held at one of the participants' homes and can be held throughout the year, either as during holidays or as weekly sessions during term time. Currently tuition can be delivered at locations across most of London.

Who are the instructors?

Instructors at codetoday have years of education and commercial coding experience. The codetoday philosophy is that instructors should be both exceptional educators and highly proficient coders in order to offer students the best learning experience. All codetoday instructors have a DBS (formerly CRB) certificate.

How is codetoday different?

At codetoday the focus is exclusively on learning how to code. All codetoday tuition is delivered in Python. The curriculum is designed to ensure even the youngest students can quickly grasp the concepts of coding and begin to create basic programmes in their first session. Codetoday treat the subject as an important and serious one. Teaching it in an academically thorough manner while still ensuring it is fun and engaging. The emphasis is to learn programming not a programming language - programming is a mindset, a systematic and logical way of thinking aimed to solve problems

Why Python?

Python is probably the world's most popular coding language. It's widely recognised as one of the best places to start learning to code as it's easy to read and write. Python though is not a watered down coding language. It's used by the likes of Google and Dropbox as well as being the default language for data scientists and is used heavily in artificial intelligence and machine learning. It's an amazing place to start. Codetoday's curriculum and lessons have been designed to make Python, a full-featured programming language, accessible for all ages starting from 7 years old.

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Our focus is exclusively on programming. We treat the subject as an important and serious one. We teach it in an academically thorough manner while still ensuring it is fun and engaging.

The emphasis is to learn programming not a programming language - programming is a mindset, a systematic and logical way of thinking aimed to solve problems.

We guide students towards becoming independent programmers, capable of teaching themselves further to improve their coding skills

"Thank you Stephen, just wanted to say you are so helpful.
Out of all the clubs my children attend I’ve never experienced such quick helpful responses.
Wonderful, thanks."

Teaching Approach

We view programming as a versatile tool that can be used for a very broad variety of applications ranging from Science and Maths to games and data analysis and many other real-world applications.

We foster imagination and creativity - programming is a means of turning an idea into reality

We build an atmosphere in which experimentation is strongly encouraged and failure is not to be feared, aiming to leave students transformed in a positive way, confident and enthused by the new skills they have learned.

"My daughter has really enjoyed the course and every evening this week has not only been hacking away experimenting with, extending and enhancing the work from the day, but also has been very proud to show me her work and ask me for ideas and ways to improve. This has been a nice way for us to connect and for her to get an insight into the work I do in software."

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