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Programming using Python

Getting ready for University

Programming is a skill that is required both for those aiming for a computing degree but also for many other University courses in Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Finance, Business and more.


This mirrors real life professions in which programming is becoming a very desirable, if not necessary, skill within many different fields.

Computing at A'Level is only one of the options for preparing yourself for University in fields that will require computational analysis. Many Sixth Form students who do not choose Computing as a formal subject still go on to learn and become proficient in coding.

At codetoday our main area of focus is on introducing beginners to programming using Python. Programming is not the act of learning lots of commands but it's a way of thinking that is suitable for communicating with a computer.


Our courses aim to add a computational dimension to the participant's problem-solving skills by helping them truly understand coding methods and techniques.


All our courses are in Python since it is a powerful and versatile professional language that also happens to be ideal for beginners. Python is also well-suited for many scientific and financial subjects.

Our schedule of upcoming courses and more details on the courses are available here.

We can also run private courses in which we can tailor the content for the group's requirements.

Contact us on or 020 3289 7431 to discuss further.

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