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Learn skills of the future. Learn Programming using Python.

Courses for 7 - 16 year-olds available during holidays and as weekly courses during term-time.

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Next Courses Start: 30 May


Proper Coding, Using Python


We believe it's a subject that should be treated seriously

Live & Interactive


Live classes delivered by our in-house UK-based instructors

No Long-Term Commitment


Curriculum delivered in short courses that can be booked individually

High-Quality Courses


Exceptional content and exceptional delivery. Read our 5-star reviews


Weekly Coding Courses

The next set of weekly Live Online courses for students starting coding will start later this month. One hour per week for four weeks.

May Half Term
Coding Courses

Get your kids started with coding in Python with Live Online courses during the May Half Term break.

Returning Students

We have a range of coding courses for students who have completed our introductory  course

3-Course Bundle

£20 off

As most of our students progress through several levels of our curriculum, we are introducing the option to book a 3-course bundle, and get £20 off

Progression Through the Curriculum

Getting the basics right is very important in coding, and making sure that these fundamentals are very well understood is a key part of our curriculum. At each of our age groups we start with the basics in Level 1.

Progressing from the basics onto more advanced material is equally important. We guide students all the way from their Level 1 course up to whatever stage they wish to get to. We progress at different speeds in different age groups to make sure that all students learn the material at a pace that is suitable for them.

Our beginners and intermediate Live Online courses range from Levels 1 to 6, and beyond that we have a programme of Higher Level courses and workshops that focus on specific themes within coding.

Read more about our curriculum and progression.


Private Courses

Our coding curriculum can be delivered in private courses for small groups of friends. This allows us to tailor the content and pace of the course to the group and to progress through the curriculum with the group over several courses.

Private courses can be delivered either as Live Online courses or in person in one of the participants' homes as weekly after school sessions or during holidays.

Why Python?

What matters most is learning coding, not a coding language. The concepts and the way of thinking are the same or very similar whatever language we choose. However Python is very well-placed as a language to learn coding in. Unlike Scratch and other children-specific platforms, it is a full programming language used in the real world. But unlike other languages like Java or C++, Python is easier to learn and allows students to focus on what really matters: learning the key coding topics. Read more on how Python and Scratch differ.

What's included in the courses

Exceptional tuition

All our Python coding courses for kids and teenagers are delivered by experienced instructors who have been trained by codetoday. Teaching focuses on making sure students understand the fundamentals of coding and learn how to become independent coders.

Small class sizes

An important part of all our sessions is the interaction between the students and the instructor. Our courses have small class sizes to ensure each student gets individual attention.

Additional resources and ongoing support

All our courses whether Live Online or In Person come with additional resources including videos and notes. We also provide ongoing support during and after the course as students carry on coding.

Bricks & Mortar Courses

  • Our face to face courses are having a well-deserved break at the moment.

  • They'll be back, fully refreshed, as soon as it's safe to do so.

  • We currently expect the Summer Holiday courses to be the first set of Bricks & Mortar courses we will run.

Live Online Courses

  • We have designed an online coding course format that delivers the best of both worlds: interactive live sessions and on-demand videos and other resources.

  • Each course has four live sessions, one hour each, plus recorded videos, notes and quizzes.

  • Our ongoing support extends beyond the course as students can ask questions, share their code for help and feedback to carry on learning even once the course ends.

  • Live Online coding courses for kids and teens start from beginner level but also extend to more advanced levels

Our Curriculum

Do you want to read more about our Curriculum? Find out how we approach teaching coding in Python to children of different ages and how students progress througho our curriculum

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