Scenario: You've never done any/much programming before but wish to start learning it to achieve personal or professional goals.


You search for programming courses and find…

The Third Option


Option 1

A 12-week full time bootcamp promising to take you from zero to professional developer (really?)

And by the way you're expected to work until 3am at home everyday too.

Saturdays and Sundays.

Option 2

An online course with a friendly Hollywood-type face sitting in front of a stylish back drop.

Don't worry if you didn't grasp one of the complex concepts as you can replay the exact same explanation over and over again.

Surely you must be able to understand it after 27 replays without the need to ask questions to a real person.

Great since there is no real person to listen anyway.

At codetoday we have two passions: programming and teaching. We set out to deliver high quality, professionally designed and delivered courses that are both thorough and engaging. We are proud to have achieved this.

Our focus is on the mindset required for communicating with a computer through coding, considering programming first and foremost as a problem-solving exercise. We use Python in all our courses as we feel it is the best language for beginners as it is a powerful and versatile language while also being easier to grasp for a novice.

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