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Weekly Coding

Live Online

  • June 9th - 30th

  • Weekly live, interactive

      coding lessons

  • On-demand resources

  • £50 per student

What the Course Contains

Our live online courses deliver the best of both worlds: interactive live sessions and on-demand videos and other resources.


Weekly courses start the week of June 8th. Courses are split into three age groups; 7-9, 10-12, 13-16 and each course has various start times providing for lots of flexible options.

The weekly live session is an online interactive lesson led by a codetoday instructor within codetoday's online learning platform. 

Why Choose codetoday



We've developed our live online courses to deliver the best of both worlds: interactive live sessions and on-demand videos and other resources. All courses emphasise learning to code and developing the programming mindset. This encourages the development of creative skills, logical thinking and problem solving. Small groups ensure there is real interaction between expert instructor and student.  






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How we Teach Coding Online

We view programming as a versatile tool that can be used for a very broad variety of applications ranging from Science and Maths to games and data analysis and many other real-world applications.

We foster imagination and creativity - programming is a means of turning an idea into reality.

We build an atmosphere in which experimentation is strongly encouraged and failure is not to be feared, aiming to leave students transformed in a positive way, confident and enthused by the new skills they have learned.

Our focus is exclusively on programming. We treat the subject as an important and serious one. We teach it in an academically thorough manner while still ensuring it is fun and engaging.

At codetoday the emphasis is on learning programming not a programming language - programming is a mindset, a systematic and logical way of thinking to solve problems.

After the Course

All codetoday introductory courses are simply a starting point. The resources and support a student receives after their course are equally important when starting to code. That's why we offer all students a six month support package to help them continue their coding journey.









Parent Feedback

My son completed the online holiday course today and really enjoyed it.

She has really enjoyed herself and is super excited about creating proper programs for the first time. Given that coding isn’t given as much importance in her school, this week has given her such a good insight into computing!

Jimi really enjoyed it. I will sign him up for Level 2!


parent of codetoday student


parent of codetoday student


parent of codetoday student

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