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Weekly Coding Lessons for Kids and Teenagers

Learn Python Online - Ages 7-16

Weekly one-hour live online lessons for beginners, with UK-based instructors, trained by us to deliver exceptional coding classes.
6 students per class, grouped by age.
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£65 per month. 
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Next class intake: January 2024

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"Friendly supportive tutors and good class sizes. Have just enrolled him on next course which he is very excited about."

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curriculum designed by python industry leader
uk-based instructors
weekly classes £65
online parents evenings

Build their confidence

Learning to code in Python with us is about so much more than career prospects and being ready for a tech-filled world.


Our curriculum is not just built around a coding education schools aren't yet equipped to provide, but about helping children understand that the sky isn't the limit with coding (because NASA uses Python too).

Our courses have small class sizes of six students, so places are limited and fill up fast. Book early to avoid disappointment.


How to progress through course levels

Our courses follow our specially-designed curriculum, starting from the fundamentals of coding in Python. Students progress through the levels each term, covering more intermediate and advanced material in later terms.

We manage progression through the curriculum, so you don't need to rebook each time a level is completed. Students learn in classes that are grouped by age.


Your child's progression through the levels is adapted based on their age group. Younger age groups will take a little longer to complete topics than older age groups. So if you are signing up siblings, they may progress at a slightly different pace.


You'll find information about your child's progress on our online learning platform. Find out more about how to track my child's progress.

Sibling discount

Want to get the whole family coding properly in Python? No problem. We have a great sibling discount. Email us to get 10% off

What will students learn?

Getting Started

  • Learn the basics of coding

  • Understand key Python tools

  • Learn about loops, conditional statements, variables, functions and more coding fundamentals

Beyond the Basics

  • Master Python fundamentals

  • Learn more advanced algorithms and work on more complex programs

  • Go deeper with understanding key tools in coding

Advanced Levels

  • Move through intermediate and advanced coding topics

  • Follow our rolling programme of advanced levels designed to guide all students as far as they want to go

Course Start Dates 2023

New courses begin:

  • Beginning of January 2024


How to see your children's progression with codetoday

Each term focusses on specific topics and learning objectives. Students will learn these topics and will have plenty of projects to consolidate learning and become more proficient.

Our instructors will monitor the progress of each student who learn in very small groups of six. Students will earn certificates at the end of each coding level.

You will be able to login to the learning platform to see what they have been taught and what is coming up in their next lessons.

Playful Kids

Why Python?

What matters most is learning coding, not a coding language. The concepts and the way of thinking are the same or very similar whatever language we choose. However, Python is very well-placed as a language to learn coding. Unlike Scratch and other children-specific platforms, it's a full programming language used in the real world. But unlike other languages like Java or C++, Python is easier to learn and allows students to focus on what really matters: learning the key coding topics. Read more on how Python and Scratch differ.

Why learning to code properly is essential

Coding has become an integral part of our lives and is an important skill to learn for the future. Programming is not just about websites. It's used in many careers, from financial services to the sciences.

Block coding and Minecraft courses are great fun but we believe learning programming as a subject that can be used in the real world is fast becoming an essential part of our children's future.

We pride ourselves on our robust courses, designed to provide high-level learning through our curriculum in fun and engaging sessions. Our UK-based codetoday instructors have kids coding projects within no time, from games to animations that children can then show friends and family.

Proper Coding, Using Python


We believe it's a subject that should be treated seriously

Live & Interactive


Live classes delivered by our in-house UK-based instructors

No Long-Term Commitment


Curriculum delivered on a monthly subscription that can be cancelled anytime

High-Quality Courses


Exceptional content and exceptional delivery. Read our 5-star reviews

What's included codetoday courses

Exceptional tuition

All our Python coding courses for kids and teenagers are delivered by experienced UK-based instructors who have been trained by codetoday. Teaching focuses on making sure students understand the fundamentals of coding and learn how to become independent coders.

Small class sizes

An important part of all our sessions is the interaction between the students and the instructor. Our courses have small class sizes to ensure each student gets individual attention.

Additional resources and ongoing support

All our courses come with additional resources including videos and notes and exclusive access to our codetoday forum. We also provide ongoing support during and after the course as students carry on coding.

No rebooking required

With our subscription service, your child can seamlessly move through the stages of our online coding curriculum.

Our Curriculum

Do you want to read more about our Curriculum? Find out how we approach teaching coding in Python to children of different ages and how students progress throughout our curriculum

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