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Coding in Python

Curriculum and Progression

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Introduction to the codetoday curriculum


At codetoday we have developed an extensive curriculum that ranges from the very basic and fundamental principles all the way to intermediate and advanced areas of programming across a broad range of applications for students who want to learn Python.

Our focus is on teaching programming thoroughly. We have designed a path through the topics available in coding that enables us to rapidly move to more complex and engaging projects. Our approach is to introduce the fundamentals very early on in their most basic form, and then to revisit these topics adding breadth and depth later on as students become more confident and proficient.

An important aspect throughout our whole curriculum is the focus on best practices and neat and efficient coding styles. Often beginners write inefficient code as this has little or no effect on simple, short programs. We feel that this should be corrected early on, before it becomes a problem (when programs become longer and more complex). We therefore model and discuss best coding practices right from the very beginning and throughout all our courses.

The Curriculum

Our approach is to find the right balance between introducing new topics and consolidating existing ones. You can download a copy of our curriculum through the link below.

An important aspect when moving from beginner to intermediate is the ability to deal with more complex projects. The topics in the early stages may be well understood by themselves, but combining them into a complex project requires more expertise.

Progressing through the Curriculum


Our approach is to start from the fundamentals of coding at all age groups to ensure that these key topics and understood well and thoroughly.


However we progress at different paces for different age groups. We go through the basics relatively quickly at the older age groups and then slow down when we reach more complex stages. For younger students, we progress at a more gentle pace to make sure they master the basics well.


Live Online Weekly Classes

Live Online Courses are grouped by age and level. Each age group, 7-8, 9-12 and 13-16 years old, starts from Level 1. However,  levels are not the same across age groups.

Each term, students focus on specific topics in our curriculum. They will learn the key coding tools and consolidate them through engaging projects.

We also guide students to learn to become independent coders so that they're able to start from scratch with an idea and write a Python program from start to finish.

Instructors work with small groups of six students and therefore they can follow each student's progress closely.

Each term, students move seamlessly to the next level where we introduce and consolidate new topics

Progression through age groups
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