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One-to-One Python Training Sessions

I have limited weekly sessions available for one-to-one Python lessons. I'll prioritise children and teenagers learning to code in Python but I'll make sessions for adults available when possible.

I operate a strict first-come-first-served basis. Places are limited.

These sessions are reserved for those learning coding in Python. They are not intended as consultancy or as help with school work. Please do not book sessions if this is what you're looking for!

— Stephen

Clear Communication. Confident Coding.

Codetoday's uniqueness is the ability to communicate clearly.


We teach young people. We teach adults. We train teachers. We run corporate training.


These programmes are different, but they all focus on clarity. They all ensure students understand why things happen the way they do. They all dig a bit underneath the surface to help students understand coding and connect all the tools together.

Teaching coding is hard. That's why we do it. And we do it well.

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