Coding Courses for Children and Teenagers

Learn skills of the future

At codetoday we focus on proper coding.

All our courses teach programming using Python.


TERM TIME | Spring Term (Jan - Mar) 2020

Programming using Python

9 January - 26 March 2020

*Private courses can also be held during term time

February half term schedule will be published shortly


Holiday or term time courses for a group of friends.

Typically held at one of the participant's homes.


We accept childcare vouchers. Please email us if you wish to book a course using vouchers

LEVEL 2 COURSES | Further Programming in Python

Prerequisite: Level 1 Introductory or Fundamentals Course

Level 2 Programming Courses in Python for all age groups (7-17)

Following on from our Level 1 Introductory Courses, we run a series of Level 2 courses at different age groups to consolidate knowledge and introduce some more advanced topics. For more about our Level 2 courses and schedule, click here.

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One of the activities we often start with to introduce Python to kids.

Writing games is fun and engaging, and uses many key coding skills. This video shows one of the games written in our courses for 13-16 year olds.

Read more about our courses and methods


Our approach is to treat coding as a serious subject, in an academically thorough manner while still ensuring that students are engaged right from the start. For this reason we run courses rather than drop-in sessions as this enables us to cover material in a systematic manner in the same way that other subjects are taught at school.

codetodayCLUB is an extension to these courses in which students choose a project and work on it in a more independent fashion, with our instructors guiding them through all the stages of programming: planning, coding, testing and fixing errors and bugs. This allows students to consolidate the knowledge they have learned in the course and gain confidence as they become independent programmers.

Our instructors will guide students to ensure the projects they work on are at the right level for them. 

Support after the course

We encourage students to carry on coding at home after the course, however coding can be tricky for the beginners as errors are not always easy to spot. For this reason, all our courses include a six-month support package during which students can ask questions as they program at home using our course management system. We can help them find solutions to their problems and understand the error messages they get and give feedback and ways of improving their code.