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Higher Level
Courses and Workshops

for students who have completed Levels 1-6

  • Courses and Workshops for students who have completed Levels 1 - 6

  • Courses follow the same format as earlier levels: Four live and interactive sessions

  • On-demand resources and ongoing support

  • Workshops are one-off sessions


Following on from Levels 1 - 6, the Higher Level courses are not numbered and do not need to be followed in any specific order. Just check the pre-requisites and age requirements for each course.

Higher Level courses are based on a theme or topic and will explore new areas of programming and more advanced coding methods.


Higher Level Workshops are also designed for students who have completed Levels 1-6. A workshop is a single one hour session in which we introduce a specific topic in Python coding.


The format of the session will be different from sessions during Live Online courses. The majority of the session will consist of the instructor demostrating the new topic, and students can code along with the instructor. There will be a Q&A session at the end of the workshop.

As always, we encourage our students to practise coding beyond the Live sessions and to come to the Codetoday Community to post their code, ask questions and get feedback from out team of instructors.

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