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Have your children moved on to coding using Python?


Summer Courses

We launched our first summer courses in Malta in Summer 2017. We had kids from 8 to 15 years old who went from being complete novices in text-based programming to writing animations and games. Here is the post from our blog summarising our time in Malta: Reflections on our Inaugural Summer Courses in Malta.

We will be returning for more courses in Summer 2018.

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Our Courses

At CodeToday we prioritise teaching the foundations of programming and mastering the skills required to think like a programmer — communicating with a computer through coding is very different from communicating with other human beings. It is not fun copying code someone else wrote, we therefore let the kids write the programs rather than do it for them. This means children can return home confident in their ability to open a laptop and write their own programs. These fundamental programming skills can then be applied to any application, whether writing games, manipulating data or developing apps.

All courses are meant for students who have no or little experience with Python coding (and it does not matter if they have used other children's coding platforms). Contact us to discuss your child's requirements further.

All our courses

  • have small class sizes to ensure individual attention (max 8 students);

  • focus on understanding how to communicate with a computer through coding, which is the essential skill for a good programmer;

  • teach the fundamentals of computer programming thoroughly while making sure it's fun and engaging. We deliberately choose to teach Python programming on a computer rather than using other gadgets and devices that can distract from learning the basics of coding well;

  • include additional resources including video summaries, notes, and email support for the duration of the course and an additional six weeks after the end of the course.


Courses are centred around one or more projects including writing animations and games through which we cover the key topics in programming, including data types and data structures, conditional statements, control flow and functions, and focus on the skills required to plan and construct a computer program in an efficient manner. The sessions are structured and delivered in a way that encourages logical thinking and problem solving, and fosters a mindset in which errors are an opportunity to learn — this is key to coding, and beyond.   

One of the activities we often start with to introduce Python to children.

Writing games is fun and engaging, and uses many key coding skills. This video shows one of the games written in our courses for 12-15 year olds.

About Us


Coding is not new; teaching it to children, however, is. At CodeToday we believe that coding should be treated as an important and serious subject, not just because there will be a strong demand for computer programmers in the future, but more importantly because coding teaches kids how to think, how to learn from errors, how to solve problems; these are all skills that go beyond being able to write a computer program.


At CodeToday we have two passions: programming and teaching. We set out to deliver high quality, professionally designed and delivered courses that are both thorough and engaging. We are proud to have achieved this — our students in London keep returning for more courses and recommending us to their friends.


We are now coming back to our roots, bringing our Python courses to Maltese children to help them be in a position where they can shape the future, not just be a part of it.

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