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Highlights from our Half Term courses (May 2016)

Another half term week is over. Running back to back courses all week means that I’m looking forward to a rest this weekend.

A few highlights from the courses this week:

Firstly I cannot not share this lovely card that a 9-year old gave me on the second day of the course. It’s always great to be told you’re doing well, and when it’s done in such a lovely manner it’s even better.

Next I want to share a video showing the end of course game written by the older children. Of course there was a lot of guidance from me to get to this point but these were students who came with no (or very little) knowledge of Python on Tuesday and left on Thursday having written this game. For the non-programmers reading this you might think that the game is very simple, which indeed it is, but it was written after a mere 6 hours of coding experience. The games we see on our children’s (or our) games consoles/computers/iPads have been developed by large teams of professional developers over several months, if not years.

Finally, this half term we welcomed our first bursary students. CodeToday has recently launched this scheme in collaboration with local schools who put forward students whom they think will benefit from our courses but need financial assistance. We therefore have committed to provide a place on every one of our courses free of charge for these budding programmers. We look forward to welcome more bursary students in the coming weeks and months.


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