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Many More Python Turtle Tutorials at Unlimited Visions, My New Publication

Some of the most popular articles on this blog over the years have been the step-by-step tutorials showing drawings, animations, and games created using Python's `turtle` module.

I've built a reputation among the Python community for my turtle creations! So I decided to make more of them. Lots more.

I launched a new publication for these tutorials today: Unlimited Visions.

Unlimited Visions logo

This new publication will have regular tutorials targeted at young learners. Each tutorial will also have a companion article for teachers who would like to teach the project to their students.

Unlimited Visions is a resource for students and the teachers teaching them.

I'll also share more of my views about coding education for young people from my many years of teaching children and teenagers how to code in Python.

You can subscribe to Unlimited Visions if you want to receive every new tutorial as soon as it's published.



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