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How to pick the perfect STEM gifts for children who love Tech.

As the festive spirit fills the air, the search for gifts that are as educational as they are fun begins. For the innovators and tech enthusiasts in the family, why not select presents that inspire and educate? Here at codetoday, we celebrate the fusion of technology and learning, so we've curated a list of the finest tech and STEM gifts that promise a journey of discovery for children this Christmas.

Good STEM activities are engineered to merge critical thinking with the joy of creativity, providing children with a grasp on the subjects that form the fabric of our modern world.

Tech gifts have transformed, no longer simply for entertainment but tools for cultivating essential STEM capabilities within an engaging, stimulating environment.

Subscription boxes can be the gifts that continually inspire, delivering hands-on STEM projects that spark curiosity and innovation month after month. Delivered directly to your doorstep, these boxes unpack complex scientific and engineering principles in an easy-to-understand, captivating format for keen young minds.

Providing knowledge, such as enrolment in STEM-focused courses or coding workshops, can be an invaluable contribution to a child’s growth.

What to Consider in a STEM Gift

When choosing a great STEM gift or subscription for children, it’s important to consider several key factors to ensure that the gift is engaging, educational, and has longevity. Here’s what to look for:

Age Appropriateness:

  • Gifts and subscriptions should be suitable for the child’s age and ability level. Look for products that offer the right balance of challenge without causing frustration.

Educational Value:

  • The best STEM gifts and subscriptions not only entertain but also inspire learning and curiosity. They should introduce new concepts or deepen their understanding in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

Hands-On Experience:

  • Active participation is crucial in STEM learning. A great gift will include interactive elements that require hands-on work, such as building, experimenting, or coding projects.

Quality of Materials:

  • Durability and the quality of materials are important, especially for physical projects that involve assembly and use over time.

Clear Instructions and Support:

  • Instructions should be clear, accessible, and possibly offer varying levels of difficulty for different stages of learning. Excellent customer support or educational resources are a bonus.

Growth Potential:

  • The best STEM subscriptions grow with the child, offering more advanced challenges or complex concepts as they progress.

Real-World Application:

  • Gifts that demonstrate how STEM applies in real life can be particularly engaging. Look for gifts that enable children to create something they can actually use or that teach skills relevant to today's world.


  • Ensure that the gifts meet high safety standards, with non-toxic materials and designs that are safe for children to handle.

Variety and Diversity:

  • A mix of topics and types of activities within a subscription box can keep things exciting and cater to a broad range of interests.

Positive Testimonials and Reviews:

  • Look for feedback from other customers, which can give insights into the user experience and help gauge satisfaction with the product’s educational impact.


  • Subscriptions should be flexible, with options to pause, cancel, or change preferences. This is especially useful if the child’s interests or circumstances change.

Encourages Collaboration or Independent Learning:

  • Consider whether the child enjoys working collaboratively or independently and choose a gift or subscription that caters to their preferred learning style.

Extension Opportunities:

  • Excellent STEM gifts often provide opportunities to expand on what is offered, either through complementary products or online resources that allow the child to delve deeper.

Inspiration Factor:

  • The gift should excite and inspire. It should make the child want to explore and use their imagination, encouraging them to think creatively.

When you find a gift that ticks these boxes, you're likely to have found something that will be loved, offering lasting educational value wrapped in fun and discovery.

So there, wrapped beautifully with a bow of possibility, are your options for a gift that blends fun with foundational skills this Christmas. Each selection can be the spark that lights a path to life-long fascination with technology and STEM.

Before gifting, ensure the appropriateness of products for your child’s age group and check the compatibility with devices in your household.



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