Coding and Programming, are they the same thing?

coding and programming

In my last blog I have explained what coding is. Relegated to a footnote in that blog was a comment on why the terms ‘coding’ and ‘programming’ are often used interchangeably, but they are not quite the same. In this blog post I will expand on the difference between the two.

Let us consider a programming task: we want to write a game that consists of a ball that moves across the screen and the player needs to steer it past obstacles, with the speed of the ball and the number of obstacles increasing as the level of difficulty increases. Before a programmer can start writing code, they need to do some planning and some decisions. This is were programming starts: the task needs to be broken down into discrete steps, deciding what comes first and what comes next; decisions also need to be made on which programming tools are best suited for the various aspects of the game, such as how to make the ball move, how to change its speed, how to define the obstacles etc…