The state of our computing education

state of computing education

We read with dismay the report on the BBC this April regarding computing in schools. A recent study, undertaken by the University of Roehampton, has found that computing in schools is in steep decline.

"It looks likely that hundreds of thousands of students, particularly girls and poorer students, will be disenfranchised from a digital education over the next few years," said Peter Kemp, senior lecturer in computing education at the University of Roehampton.

But, this only seems to tell half the story. As coding educators we know how difficult it is to teach coding. First and foremost it requires an experienced coder working with a detailed curriculum appropriate for the age range of students being taught and that’s before any actual teaching has taken place. Not many of these people exist in our school system at the moment. It’s commendable that the government is recognising the importance of computing in general and taking steps to skilling up teachers to deliver the compulsory computing curriculum but this will not deliver immediate results and to place blame 100% at the door of schools seems unfair.