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Happy New Year – And This Year This Greeting Means So Much More!

Hello January! Which means Hello January coding courses! Weekly kids' coding courses are starting soon. But we'll get to that later. First let's start with new year greetings.

It is customary to send Happy New Year greetings at this time of year. But this year this means so much more. Aren't we all glad to move on from 2020, and hoping that 2021 will be better and healthier for all?

As with all businesses, 2020 was a very challenging one for us at codetoday. But we leave 2020 and start 2021 with the glass being more than half full.

March 2020 — When Things Changed

In March, we took the decision of not simply switching what we were doing before to remote. Although this would have been the easier option, by far, it simply would have not worked as well from a teaching and learning point of view.

Instead we decided to create a new format and deliver our curriculum in a manner designed to work remotely. Luckily we had plans for this Live Online format already, and the early planning and design was in place. However the plan was to launch the new Live Online courses in 2021. Instead of a year to get things in place, we had four weeks.

Live Online Launch

And right from the first Live Online courses which ran over the Easter Holidays of 2020, the format was a great success. We combined short live sessions with additional recorded material, notes and quizzes, all delivered via our bespoke online learning platform.

A few months later in June, we also launched the Codetoday Community—a forum exclusive for our students in which they can access more material, but very importantly in which they can post code they are working and get feedback or ask questions if they're stuck. This allows us to support students beyond the live sessions when they are practising coding on their own, during and after the course.

Our Live Online Coding in Python courses have gone from strength to strength over the rest of 2020. We have extended the breadth and depth of our courses, so that students can progress through the Levels as they complete courses. We have also been working very hard on expanding capacity as most courses have been filling up very early.

Hello 2021

This brings us to 2021. Next week we resume after our short Christmas break with our largest programme of Live Online courses to date. All weekly courses run for four weeks, but many parents have been making the most of our bundle offer and booking three consecutive courses.

Our advice is to join us on a Level 1 course to try it out, and then you can book a Level 2, 3 and 4 bundle after that. And we have also introduced gift vouchers if you wish to gift a course to someone else.

Looking ahead, our courses start every few weeks giving you full flexibility for when you want to do the courses, and how quickly to move from one level to the next. Some choose to do several courses back to back, while others prefer to take a month or two break between courses and use this time to practise independently and use the Codetoday Community to access our support. It's entirely up to you.

We will run courses during term time (in four week sets) and during all school holidays, starting with February half term and then the Easter holidays. We are pleased to launch Saturday morning sessions as well which will start after February half term.

For those from outside of the UK, and we have a growing number of international (by which we mean non-UK!) students, you are more than welcome to join on our courses. Bear in mind all times show are for the UK time zone. Our holiday courses are based around the UK school terms, but with so many courses starting all year round, you will definitely find ones that will suit you!

Best wishes for a great 2021 to all, and hope to see your children in one of our Live Online courses soon!


Join us for a Live Online Coding in Python

course starting next week…



Python Coding for Young People


Codetoday Unlimited is for the curious teenager or preteen keen to learn proper Python coding. Stephen's courses start from the basics and carry on to intermediate and advanced levels.

Python Coding for Adults

The Python Coding Place is Stephen's platform full of courses and other resources for beginners and intermediate learners. The focus is on clarity and Stephen's unique communication style.

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