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Looking back at a busy Summer 2020 full of coding in Python

We're almost at the end of summer. Next week is our final week of coding for Summer 2020 (although we return in September with our term-time schedule of after school coding courses, so don't worry!)

2020 has been a different year for everyone, in many ways, for all the obvious reasons.

Summer roundup

At codetoday, for the first time, we had coding courses running every single week from mid-July when some schools started to break off for summer all the way to the end of August. And over 90% of our courses where fully booked. Hundreds of students between the ages of 7 and 16 (as well as some courses for adults, but that's another story) joined us from all parts of the UK and elsewhere around the world to learn coding in Python in a fun yet thorough way. Almost half of all our courses were for returning students who had already been on one or more courses with us and came back for more.

Reviewing the Live Online Courses format

This is also a time for us to look back and reflect to see what works well and what can be improved. Our Live Online courses are relatively new, having introduced them only during the Easter holidays this year. We have now run very large numbers of them, refining them as we go along, updating the on-demand resources we provide and finding better ways of supporting our students not just during a course, but afterwards as well.

The support we offer students has always been a cornerstone of what we offer at codetoday. We believe that students can learn programming only through a mixture of great courses and self-practice. And when students code after the course has finished, they will have questions and they will still need feedback. In July this year we have launched The Codetoday Community – a private forum for our students to ask questions, get support and access additional content, including plenty of tasks and challenges. This has allowed us to take the support we offer to all our students to the next level.

What do parents think?

With high quality instructors running live sessions, additional content delivered via our own online learning platform, and support after the course through the Community, you may expect the price tag to be steep. You would be wrong. At £50 per course we have kept our prices very low. Read what one of the parents had to say in this review.

Another parent whose 10 year old has now been on three courses with us over the past few months had this to say about his experience:

I didn’t think it was possible for children so young to learn coding but my 10-year-old has thrived and has learnt such a lot! The fact that there are so few participants means that he gets individual attention when needed, and everyone moves at the same pace and there is time to consolidate what they have learnt over the week. Jana is a great instructor and for the price I think it’s an excellent course.

A flexible course format

One of the key features of our Live Online courses that many students and parents loved is how learning is split between live sessions delivered via Zoom and on-demand content that can be accessed whenever the student wants and as often as they need. Each live session is only one hour long which limits the time students need to be on a Zoom call and also allows for flexibility. However students can get more from our online learning platform as well as the private student forum.

As each individual course is only 4 lesson long, parents have the choice of either having their children attend back-to-back courses or to have some gaps between one course and the next. This flexibility has been greatly appreciated by our clients.

Weekly coding courses starting soon

Moving forward, we now shift to our Autumn term programme. Each course is still four sessions long with one session a week, and we have courses starting every few weeks so parents do not need to commit for a full term.


Read more about our weekly coding courses this Autumn and book a place if you'd like your daughter or son to try out coding in Python.

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