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Python courses for professionals coming soon.

Over the years, we have run a number of Python programming courses for professionals looking to add programming to their existing skill set. Programming has become increasingly important, not just as a career choice, but as a digital skill alongside the ability to use software and thrive in the modern workplace. So, due to an increase in demand for these courses, we are bringing back our popular Python courses.

Programming is no longer a tool reserved for those who want to become full time software developers. Today’s continuously evolving professional roles, ranging from finance to science, have all seen an increased reliance on the collection and manipulation of data to understand the world around us, making an understanding of basic programming a must.

For those dealing with data, where in the past using Excel may have been sufficient, being able to manipulate large amounts of data in different ways often requires a more flexible and powerful approach, such as writing a program in a scripting language such as Python. Being able to write your own program to analyse a data set, extract different insights from it, or to simulate a theoretical model computationally makes work more efficient, rather than having to rely on commissioning these tasks to other teams or external providers.

But, not everyone is looking to join a 12-week bootcamp to become a professional programmer. Our courses are aimed at those who want to start to explore programming, understand this subject and find out how programming can be used to solve a wide variety of problems.

Often, the toughest hurdle when starting to learn programming is the very first one. Too many people give up early on. We have designed a curriculum and course resources specifically aimed at demystifying programming for those who are new to it. We excel in communicating abstract concepts in a clear way as we believe this is the only way to create a solid foundation for further learning in programming.

Detailed notes provided. Support after the course to ensure participants get help and assistance as they take the first steps to write code independently. Day 1 of the course will introduce programming, the different way of thinking required to communicate with a computer, and how and why we structure a computer program.

Day 1 also introduces the fundamental tools on which all of programming is built, such as assignment of data to variables, control flow and conditional statements (including loops and if statements), and defining functions.

Day 2 builds on these fundamentals and delves deeper into many of the topics introduced on earlier. We look at data in more detail to understand the different types that exist, including introducing more advanced data structures such as lists and dictionaries. Defining functions is also taken to the next level, showing how important this tool is in programming to make code efficient and re-usable. The basics of classes are also introduced. De-bugging, the process by which we deal with errors and bugs, a key area within programming, is also dealt with in detail in on Day 2.

For those attending the 3-day course, Day 3 focuses on the tools and methods used in quantitative applications of programming, giving an overview on how to deal with numerical data, creating models, visualising data, reading and writing data from and to external files such as spreadsheets, and writing code efficiently, including using functional tools.

For more information and to register your interest follow the link below:


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