What is it like to learn with codetoday? A students' perspective

Codetoday works with students aged between 7 and 17. Each one has different needs and a different outlook on learning to code. While everyone learns to code in Python, it's our goal to ensure that we create self sufficient students who develop their own projects and interests in coding, with a little help from us along the way.

We talk at length about how important it is to learn to code. As educators and coders we know the importance of developing these skills. But as parents it's often the experiences of the students that are most important.

So let us introduce you to three codetoday students. Meet Emily, George and Isabella, who have been learning how to code in Python with codetoday.

Emily has just turned 8 and is on her second term with us. She started with codetoday aged 7, the earliest age we work with.

“Coding is fun because you can do lots of stuff. You tell the computer what to do and it does it for you”.