Why choose Python when looking for coding for kids?

Python coding for kids

Coding for kids should really always be Python coding for kids.

Coding is a relatively new subject in the children's education sphere. The name itself, coding, can mean many different things for many different people.

For some, coding for kids means using platforms such as Scratch or other children-specific software. These programs are designed to introduce some of the basic concepts of coding to children. You can compare it to the apps young children use where they can drag letters across the screen to complete a word when they're learning how to read.

Scratch can get you started, but it's important to move on from it relatively quickly, before kids get the wrong impression of what coding really is, and before they get bored of it.

Others think of robotics when they think of coding. Robotics is indeed one of the many applications of coding. It is a topic that can engage some students, although some others may be put off by it. Either way, robotics is a good way of engaging students with technology, and also coding.

For a full, thorough and broad view of coding, however, we need to look beyond Scratch and robotics and Minecraft. Students need to learn coding using the right tools.

Python is the programming language universal