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Programming Courses in Python for Businesses

Up-skill your workforce. Improve business productivity

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Trusted by Global Businesses to Teach Python


Who are codetoday?

Codetoday specialise in teaching programming in Python, developing custom programming courses for our business clients. Courses are perfect for looking to develop programming skills across the organisation to develop capabilities across analysis and data functions. Our experienced instructors have been trained by codetoday and have backgrounds in science and mathematical fields.

The codetoday curriculum introduced course participants to how a computer "thinks", guiding them through various modules in order to create confident, self-sufficient programmers. Further engagement and support is a key part of codetoday's approach, with detailed course material and expert support available outside of lesson time.


What's included in the course?

In addition to the face-to-face sessions, the training programme also includes:

  • The instructor's version of code written during the course session.

  • Detailed notes on all the topics covered.

  • Support during the course and for six months afterwards through our support package. You will be able to share your code with your instructor, ask questions about the course material and receive feedback and guidance on how to deal with any issues, errors and bugs.

  • Instructions and support for installing the required (free) software ahead of the course.

Your Questions Answered

Who are the courses for?

Python coding courses are ideal for businesses looking to introduce coding to their employees and to build valuable skills. Our longer courses are suitable for those working in quantitative and data-driven fields such as finance, science and more.

When and where do courses take place?

We pride ourselves on the flexibility of the course options. We can deliver these training sessions in your own offices or other venues, or as remotely delivered courses. Training programmes can be scheduled throughout the year based on your requirements.

Who are the instructors?

Instructors at codetoday have years of education and professional coding experience. Instructors who teach on our courses for adults have backgrounds in science and maths. The codetoday philosophy is that instructors should be both exceptional educators and highly proficient coders in order to offer students the best learning experience.

How is codetoday different?

At codetoday the focus is exclusively on learning how to code. All codetoday courses are delivered in Python. The curriculum is designed to ensure course participants quickly grasp the concepts of programming and begin to write programs as quickly as possible. The emphasis is to learn programming not a programming language – programming is a mindset: a systematic and logical way of thinking aimed to solve problems.

Why Python?

Python is probably the world's most popular coding language. It is widely recognised as one of the best places to start learning to code as it's easy to read and write. Python though is not a watered down coding language. it is used by the likes of Google and Dropbox​ as well as being the default language for data scientists and is used heavily in areas such as finance, artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is an amazing place to start. Codetoday's curriculum and lessons have been designed to make Python, a full-featured programming language, highly accessible and relevant to various applications.

"I appreciate your patient explanation of and listening to all our crazy questions! I am so excited that I am finally starting to understand programming!"

– Morgan, attendee on Python course

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