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Coding Clubs in Schools

Python Programming

Children from Year 4 and above are ready to start moving on from Scratch or similar programs to more "grown-up" coding. We focus on delivering engaging sessions teaching the fundamentals of programming using Python to students in schools, making sure that they learn to code independently, rather than just copy lines of code someone else wrote.

Our aim is to treat coding as an academically thorough subject while ensuring that students are engaged right from the start. From our very first sessions we use projects that are designed to achieve both high engagement and thorough learning.

Read more about our Ethos & Philosophy when it comes to coding and education.

Introducing Python by coding these patterns (and many more).

Years 4-8 (ages 8-13)

Writing games in Python, and understanding x-y coordinates.

Years 6-11 (ages 10-16)

Writing games in Python, from the very simple to the more complex.

Years 6-13 (ages 10-18)

Modelling the collision of snooker (or billiard) balls in Python, using Newtonian mechanics, vectors and object-oriented programming.

Years 10-13 (ages 14-18)

We run our clubs in small groups (6-10 students per group) as a key aspect of our method is to allow students to code independently with the instructor interacting with students individually as well as a group.

All our students also get resources as part of the course and a support package is include where students can ask questions on any coding they are doing at home as well through our course management system.

Coding is not just a skill useful to become a professional programmer in the future but a subject that encourages logical thinking and problem solving as well as a means to teach other subjects.

Our aim is to assist schools with teaching a text-based programming language such as Python which is more challenging to teach compared to children-specific platforms. We strongly believe that coding is a very accessible subject as long as the key basic skills are acquired and well understood very early on. We bring many years experience of programming and an innovative curriculum that teaches coding thoroughly but in a very engaging manner. This ensures students get a great start that will lead them to become confident, independent coders.

Course Description
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