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A busy summer ahead | Coding in Python with codetoday

Summer holidays coding courses for kids

The wait is over. Our Summer holidays coding courses are about to start. And what a schedule we have.

Our biggest and boldest Summer programme of Coding in Python courses starts on the 14th of July and runs throughout July and August with courses running every week. Courses are held Live Online and include live sessions delivered by our experienced instructors and on-demand content accessible at any time to supplement learning.

Although many courses in the early weeks are now fully booked, we have a large number of courses running throughout the summer.


We have designed our Summer schedule with flexibility in mind. We have all been spending too much time indoors recently and, although it is raining right now as I write this post, the sun will no doubt come out at some point.

Each Live Online course is four sessions long, with each live session being just one hour. This means you can fit a coding course around all your other plans for this Summer. But each course comes with more than four hours of fun and learning. Videos summarising the key topics, notes, quizzes, and coding exercises and challenges are available for students to work on in their own time.

And if you want to go further, then we run courses at several levels which again can be booked flexibly. You can choose to book a Level 1 course in July, and then a Level 2 in mid-August, say, or attend back-to-back courses if you prefer.

Proper coding. Proper fun

Ever since we ran our first course way back in 2016, our focus at codetoday has been on treating coding as a serious, academic subject while still making sure it is engaging and fun right from the start. Too often coding is taught either by taking the fun away or by taking the rigour away; we don't believe that compromise is necessary. We have developed our curriculum to ensure our courses are both academically rigorous and fun, engaging and creative.

We always start off in the early courses with projects that are visual, including coding animations and simple games, and then move on in later courses to other text-based programs to cover programming in the broadest manner possible as we cover more intermediate and advanced topics.

We want our students to get into the right mindset for coding and to truly understand what happens in a computer program. That's the only way to be able to write computer programs well. We also encourage our students to carry on coding in between sessions and once the course is over, and for this reason we provide support after the course for all our students.

The Codetoday Community: a preview

In the coming days we are also launching The Codetoday Community. This is an extension to our online learning platform in which past and present students on our courses can post questions and get feedback from codetoday instructors, as well as from other students. We will also be posting additional content on coding and how coding is used in the real world. Watch this space…


Ready to book a place or maybe you want to read more about our Coding in Python courses?



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