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Coding in a real language is super fun!

Coding is a serious business, right? Coding is an invaluable part of our lives today. It is everywhere, BUT that doesn't mean learning to code has to be boring—quite the opposite.

We know that learning something new has to capture our interest quickly and keep us engaged to be effective. As a result, we are all better at the things we enjoy. We find them easier, and we learn them quickly.

Is real coding fun?

Yes, yes, yes. Real coding is tons of fun. The rush of excitement that comes from creating something from nothing is thrilling. Imagine being able to take an idea and then having the ability to make it come to life. For children learning to build their own creations in code can give them a feeling of limitless possibilities.

Python allows coders to write programs quickly and effectively. As one of the most popular coding languages in the world, there is a reason people love it. Some of the biggest businesses in the world use Python. We love reading the success stories of how Python is used from Google to Star Wars!

What about block coding?

Block coding (think Minecraft, Scratch & Roblox) can be shiny and attractive with the instant gratification that comes with drag-and-drop game-based coding. However, what are our children actually learning? See our post on scratch or Python.

Of course, any coding will help enhance problem-solving and resilience skills, so block coding definitely has its place. But will block coding help them in the real world where they need to write a program to sort data for that next big project? Unlikely.

It's all about balance—real coding combined with real fun. We also use games and drawing to encourage imagination and creativity, but by doing this using Python, our students are learning a valuable subject at the same time - we call this positive screen time. You can learn more about screen time in our blog post.

Learn to draw and make games in Python

Using projects that capture the imagination and engage children from day one is key to all successful learning. For example, our first project is learning to draw using code, turning words and instructions into works of art, which is tricky to master on your own, but our expert instructors have our students drawing in code in the first lesson! Check out some of our fun projects.

As our courses progress, the projects get bigger and better. We use game creation so that children can show, share and play their games with friends and family. Students create fun animals and code them to move around objects they have also created using Python - a real coding language used by professionals worldwide.

Coding for kids should never be boring

Real coding for children should never be tedious. Instead, it should be captivating and inspiring. Our mission is to make coding accessible and fun while delivering a top-class education. We want our students to be confident and capable of learning and enjoying this evolving world.

Nothing is more important to us at codetoday than providing children with the best coding education using exciting projects. Our expert UK-based instructors are skilled at giving instant feedback and understanding students learning styles. This allows us to teach concepts in the best way possible, and thanks to our small class sizes, children can get the learning they need live online.

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