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Looking ahead towards Autumn and term time Python courses

Autumn Python courses

It's hot and raining in most of the UK. Signs we're in a British summer. But it won't be long before the leaves start falling from the trees, the temperature gets cooler (and cooler and cooler) and the kids go back to school, in one form or another. Autumn 2020 is on its way! Or Fall 2020 for our American followers.

Coding for all seasons

One thing that will not change is codetoday's Live Online courses in Python which run whatever the season, whatever the temperatures outside. As we move from school holidays to term time, our courses will move to our weekly format: the Autumn term coding courses each run for four consecutive weeks, one hour per week after school. We have a program of courses for all age groups at all levels.

Who are the courses for?

For those who are new to coding in Python, or who have done a bit at school, we have our Level 1 courses which start from the basics and cover the fundamentals thoroughly to make sure there are solid foundations to build on as we move to more advanced material in later levels. Our approach is to start from the beginning in Level 1 courses at all age groups, but we progress at a faster pace for the older age groups. We then slow down at the right stage of our curriculum for each group, when more in depth work and consolidation is required.

Our Level 2 courses are designed to carry on from where Level 1 left off, and the same is true for each higher level. This allows students to progress to more intermediate and advanced coding. Our curriculum goes all the way to very advanced material. (In fact we also teach adults who are using coding in areas such as finance, data science and other scientific fields.)

What about the course format?

We have also kept each Live Online course relatively short. Each course consists of four lessons. Each lesson includes a one hour live session delivered online by our instructors and on demand content available on our online learning platform which includes videos, notes and quizzes. This gives students and parents the flexibility of how they wish to proceed. Some students come for back to back courses while others prefer to have a short break in between one level and the next.

Either way, we strongly encourage our students to carry on coding in between courses. And if they do so – and many do – they will have questions and problems to deal with. For this reason earlier this summer we have set up The Codetoday Community, a private forum exclusively for our students in which they can ask questions, interact with peers and access coding tasks and additional material, all moderated by our experienced instructors.

Are the courses expensive?

In 2020 we have also sought to broaden our community and we now have students from across every part of the UK and beyond, and we have worked hard to be able to make our courses great value for money too. Each course costs only £50, and in addition to the live session that includes all the on-demand material that students can access after the course as well and access to The Community, of course.

We are also working tirelessly to solve one problem we had this Summer: we had to disappoint too many people as our courses filled up very quickly. We have been recruiting and training more instructors – we are very picky on who we choose and we will always train them in-house to make sure they can deliver our courses at the high standards we expect.

If you already know that your child will enjoy coding, perhaps they are ready to move on from Scratch (which we recommend from the age of about 7) or you want them to try coding in a way that will engage them, try out a Level 1 course this Autumn and if they enjoy it, they can then come back for more.


Join us for an Autumn term coding course introducing Python coding to kids and teenagers from 7 to 16 years old



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