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Our Mission: To Help People Who Want To Learn to Code

2022 is a year of change for us at codetoday. After two rather unusual years, we're ready to move forward with exciting plans to make coding accessible to even more people. More on the new codetoday very soon. But, what hasn't changed is our mission to help people who to learn Python coding.

At codetoday, we want to help people of all ages who want to learn to code so they can learn how to think and solve problems through coding.

Our vision for the future is that every person should be equipped with the most important skills they'll need in tomorrow's world:

To Think and Solve Problems

We want to help everyone achieve this through learning to code.

How Do We View Coding?

We believe coding should be taken seriously and that it should be fun to learn. We want anyone who wants to code to be able to learn in the way that is most suitable for them. We want to remove the barriers stopping people from learning to code.

These are bold statements. But we're not here just to provide courses. We're here to help you become better at dealing with tomorrow's world, whether you're 7 or 107 years old.

This vision has been a constant at codetoday ever since our founder, Dr Stephen Gruppetta, left his first career as an academic scientist to start rethinking how to help students of all ages to learn to code.

Our aim was, and still is, to change how coding is taught, making it more accessible to everyone. We want people who think coding is not for them to change their mind and realise that learning to code is as much for them as for those people who are traditionally seen as more likely to code.

Computer programming is not just for those who are good at maths. It's not just for those who like science. It's definitely not just for those who are good with computers! And it's not just for boys.

Like all stereotypes, there may be some truths in them. Thinking logically is useful in both maths and coding, for example. But there's more that's wrong with stereotypes than right.

Communicating Complex Concepts Clearly

Our focus is to help students truly understand complex concepts through clear communication. We want to make learners feel confident in their newly-acquired knowledge and empowered to achieve more.

How do we do this?

We understand that knowing a subject is not enough to communicate it well. Teaching is about helping your students understand why things happen, not just how.

Dr Gruppetta spent his first career teaching physics to students within medical and clinical fields at university. He rapidly built a reputation as an excellent communicator who can weave a narrative through any complex subject, helping students visualise and understand the topics they're learning.

Codetoday follows in this tradition and expertise. We don't teach facts. We build a picture where everything slots in perfectly.

An example of this is the Room analogy of how a computer program works. We create a picture and a story which explains most of what happens inside a computer program.

Who Do We Teach?

At codetoday, we're uniquely placed since we help students of all ages who are learning Python coding. Our divisions for children and adults are very different in some ways, but they're also very similar in other ways.

Learning to code is one of those rare subjects where children and most adults are starting from the same point—the very beginning!

Some of the challenges are the same. When a student of any age starts to learn Python coding, the biggest challenge is to learn the mindset that's needed to solve problems in a computational way.

Learning how to think in a different manner is new for both children and adults. And learners of all ages learn complex concepts best when there's a "story" to link things together rather than just dry facts.

Our experience from teaching kids helps us communicate with adults better, and vice versa.

Over the past couple of years, we've shifted from being a London-centred company to becoming a worldwide provider of coding training.

Most of our students in the children division still come from the UK and other countries with similar time zones since the live sessions run after school in the UK time zone. However, we are planning to update the format of our weekly courses so that it's less tied to UK term dates.

We also have exciting plans in our adult division. Codetoday already has an international audience as we run training programs for corporations around the world as well as through our founder, Stephen Gruppetta, who is a leading member of the international Python community.

Final Words

Whether you're interested to learn Python coding yourself or you want your child to start their coding adventure, you can follow us as we change how coding is taught for the better.

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