Why learn Python? It's not easy, but easier than you may think

The Zen of Python

Learn Python can mean two different things: either you are already an experienced programmer in other programming languages and you wish to learn Python now, or you have never done any coding before and want to start from somewhere.

This blog post is not for the experienced programmer who wants to learn Python - you already know what to do.

Learning coding vs learning a coding language

If you're still reading, then you are new to coding or perhaps you want to find out more about coding for kids. One of the most common phrases we tell our students and prospective clients is "we don't teach a coding language, we teach coding". The difference is both big and important.

Programming is a way of thinking, a mindset in which you take an idea, any idea, and break it into small, logical steps in a form that a computer can follow. Then you plan which coding tools you should use and only then do you start writing the code.