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Welcome to CodeToday: Our Story (so far…)

West Hampstead: CodeToday's home

I have been living in West Hampstead for ten years. In this period I have got married, bought a property, had my first child and had my second child. Life can change a lot in 10 years. Even West Hampstead has changed: new businesses have come and gone, others have come and stayed; some have been here forever.

Recently I decided to change one of the few things that had remained a constant. I had been at University since the age of 18, first as an undergrad student then as a doctoral student then as a junior research scientist and finally as an academic. It was time to move on. By now I knew very well what I was really good at and what I really enjoyed doing and I was determined to make those my guiding principles in whatever I do.

CodeToday fits these criteria perfectly. As a scientist I have written computer code almost on a daily basis ranging from complex scientific computing to code to record, plot and analyse my newborn baby's weight (my son is now almost five and I still use that program!). Programming is the activity I have always enjoyed most in my work because it gives you the feeling that everything is possible.

Teaching is the other activity I have enjoyed and excelled in over those years. The satisfaction achieved as a lecturer when students have that "I get it" look on their face after understanding some complex point is unmatched by anything else (except possibly by the feeling of completing a lengthy computer program and it works!). I have been honoured by multiple nominations and awards by my students over my academic career, and I have equally enjoyed visiting schools to talk to school children from reception to sixth form about all things science and computing.

Let's face it, CodeToday is about me doing what I enjoy doing: coding and teaching. Luckily the community I've been part of for the past decade can benefit from my enjoyment!


Python Coding for Young People


Codetoday Unlimited is for the curious teenager or preteen keen to learn proper Python coding. Stephen's courses start from the basics and carry on to intermediate and advanced levels.

Python Coding for Adults

The Python Coding Place is Stephen's platform full of courses and other resources for beginners and intermediate learners. The focus is on clarity and Stephen's unique communication style.

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