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Summer Holiday Coding Courses for Children

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Prepare to spark your child's creativity and curiosity this summer with Codetoday! We are proud to present our brand-new range of summer holiday coding courses, specifically tailored for children.

Four hours of live online coding, over four days. Our classes run every week of the summer holidays in a supportive and fun environment, with small groups of children and teenagers. For beginners or intermediate coders, we teach coding properly.

Early Bird Offer

Use code: SUMMER5 for £5 off - deal ends 30/06/23

Taught by Python Coding Experts

At Codetoday, we are passionate about programming. Coding in Python is a skill that is in high demand, with millions of adults using and learning it as their preferred language (including artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers).

We specialise in Python, which allows us to deliver some of the best Python coding courses available in our industry. Our summer holiday coding courses are designed to be entertaining, engaging, and suited to children of all ages and ability levels.

What Makes Our Coding Courses For Children Unique?

Adaptable Learning Experience:

At Codetoday, we appreciate that children have different learning styles and progress at their own pace. Our courses are structured to accommodate varying coding abilities, ensuring that children of all skill levels feel welcomed and can advance confidently. Our expert instructors excel at guiding children step-by-step, making certain they are consistently challenged but never overwhelmed.

Fun and Engaging Projects:

Codetoday's summer holiday coding courses emphasise hands-on and practical skills that form an essential part of programming education. Our projects are designed to be exciting, challenging, and rewarding. Children have the opportunity to create their very own projects, which not only bolsters their coding confidence but also enables them to enjoy learning.

Small Class Sizes:

Our summer coding courses for children are held in small groups to guarantee no child feels left out and enjoys a great learning environment. This ensures that each student receives the support and guidance needed to excel. Our experienced instructors encourage collaboration and interaction among classmates.

Qualified Instructors:

Our team of UK-based professional, knowledgeable, and patient instructors is at the heart of our coding courses. Their enthusiasm for technology and programming is infectious. They go above and beyond to ensure each child understands the material fully and is keen to complete their next class.

Additional Summer Workshops

Additionally, if your child enjoys the holiday course, we also offer summer workshops for intermediate coders. These are free for customers with a weekly subscription but can be purchased as one-off workshop series for children who have completed the holiday course. These summer workshops are a fantastic way to enhance their creative problem-solving abilities. You can learn more about these workshops by visiting

Early Bird Offer

Use code: SUMMER5 for £5 off - deal ends 30/06/23 or when all places are taken.

Get your children ready for a summer of fun, learning, and new experiences by enrolling them in Codetoday's summer holiday coding courses! Give them the chance to enhance their skills, make new friends, and have a fantastic time while learning about the captivating world of programming.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to pave the way for your child's bright future in programming and technology!



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